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1) We land in Munich airport and spend two nights in the city. The trip includes a tour in the most famous attractions: BMW and Mercedes museums and the Olympic garden.

2) We will travel to Salzburg city in Austria and visit the spectacular fort on the top of the mountain. We will visit as well the archeological sites in the area such as the house of Mozart which is one of the most visited sites in the city. Also, we will cruise around in the city river.

3(Two nights in The Alps:  the stay includes climbing a mountain, 2600 KM above the surface and visiting Hitler’s wall that was built during the war. In addition, we will have different activities in the City Lake and tour around Austria’s remarkable falls.

4) We will end the trip back in Munich and spend two nights in the city. During our stay there we will visit Allianz Arena, home of the most famous football team, FC Bayern, and afterwards visit the King Palace and the shopping center: Ingolstadt Village Outlet.

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